Espresso coffee is the coffee we all know. The coffee everyone has been going to coffee house and cafes for over the last century. With "Specialty Coffee" now referred to as a movement (rather than what it is: a grading of a commodity)  some strange things have been happening to espresso coffee. Roasting has become lighter and lighter. Maybe you've tried some of this recently. Have you been served a cup of coffee that tasted acidic, fruity, even sour? Maybe you've had a milk coffee that tasted really weak for no apparent reason? It's just not what people want from an espresso coffee. So, if you're after rich, full bodied, caramelised, chocolate, nut and spice laden espresso roasted coffee, you've come to the right place.


Light roasted, single origin filter coffees are what got us hooked years ago. From winey Kenyans to funky, juicy Ethiopians, filter coffee is a thing of beauty. It's tea like, brewed using old school pour over gear and will give you an idea of the diverse flavours coffee has to offer.